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JANOS is an Oslo-based genre-bending Pop band formed in 2021. Their sound takes inspiration from Alternative pop, Indie, Eighties pop, R&B and Dance pop through a nostalgic and heartfelt approach.

By mixing old and modern soundscapes, JANOS creates a unique and timeless sound. The songs mainly give an uplifting, euphoric listening experience, but often with a melancholic / reflective undertone. Debut EP "ROOFTOPPING" was released on June 10 on Nuud Music.

Jano's previous singles from the EP have, among other things, appeared on this week's songs in VG, been recommended by P3 and been featured as this week's single at NPS as well as on a bunch of major  editorial Playlists from Spotify.


The upcoming second ep “skydiving” is a bit more focused sonically, with 80s altpop and Uk garage as the main influences. It's a concept EP detailing the loss of love and search for meaning after a breakup with deep dives into social media, drug abuse and self image.

2024 introduces a new side to JANOS catalogue with releases "Waterfall dreams" and "Guardian" giving upbeat melancholic summery vibes. 

"I am loving the sweet melodies and beautiful vocals, the talented JANOS has returned with his new single Zero"

Variance Magazine UK

“Jangly guitars and glistening electronic synths, “Zero” bursts with energy through its mix of sonic soundscapes.”

Talk about pop Music



“JANOS holds his head high with new single ZERO, oozing with uptempo dreamy vibes”


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